Chandrakanta 6th January 2018

Chandrakantha wakes up from sleep afraid calling Veer. She reminisces Veer and her romance before falling asleep. Veer consoles her and says until he is here, nothing will happen to her, now they have reunited. Tej rescues Umang and gets him out of palace. Umang says he hit him so hard. Tej says if he had not, then he would have rescued him. They see a newly married couple’s dead body. People discuss that Iravathi’s rakshas son Swayam killed them. Another man informs that Swayam abducted another newly wed couple. Swayam attacks couple and they plead to forgive them as they want to live together. He imagines Veer and Chandrakantha in newly wed couple.

Dhruv sees Iravathi walking to a jungle and into a secret cave. He creates an invisible barrier around himself and follows
her. Iravathi checks her secret trunk with magical sword and then goes to unconscious Bhadramaa. Dhruv is surprised to see Bhadramaa and thinks she had to be in jail. Iravathi tells Bhadramaa that magical knife is safe.

Veer pampers Chandrakantha and says she will get his wife a special breakfast. He goes to next room. Chandrakantha reminisces Veer forcefeeding her hypnotic milk and then consummating with her. She thinks Veer fooled her again, drapes blanket around her and wears her clothes. Dhruv with Gehna, Iravathi, and soldiers search Surya/ Chandrakantha and Veer. Gehna says she searched everywhere and did not find them. Chandrakantha hears their voice and realizes they are searching us, so she has to go in front of them. They try to leave. Chandrakantha does magic and shakes ground . Veer thinks maa/Iravathi has come ands says let us run from here. Dhruv sees crack in ground and sees magical barrier. He informs Iravathi who also checks barrier and breaks it. She finds Veer with Surya and orders soldiers to catch him. Ver warns them dare not to touch him and beats soldiers. Iravathi ties magical thread around him again and he loses his memory. He argues with Chandrakantha and apologizes Iravathi saying he does not remember what happened and Surya tricked him. Chandrakantha thinks Veer tricked her again and misused her.

Chandrakantha takes bath thinking Veer betrayed her again and broke her trust, she is taking his shraad/last rights bath. She goes to Vishnuji’s temple and says she loved only Veer and he betrayed her, now she will write a new story in Vijaygarh. She plays shank and says from today she will start a path of justice and will get magical knife. In village, sarpanchs decide to ban love marriage and nobody should love. People say they cannot ban love. Others say Rani Iravathi’s rakshas son hates love after his brother married his fiance, so in a fit of range he killed 5 newly wed couple. Tej enters and says if they help him, he will capture rakshas, it is either kill or die. Villagers say they are with him. Dhruv walks to Vishnu temple and says Chandrakantha he needs to talk to her. She says even she needs to and says she should have listened to him and not trust Veer. Dhruv says he knows where magical knife and describes how he followed Iravathi and found where knife is. Chandrakantha asks if he got it. He says no, but knows where it is. Chandrakantha says Vishnuji showed them a way and they will get it tonight.

Bhadramaa wakes up and shouts Chandrakantha is alive, she should inform Iravathi. She walks with great difficulty and with magic opens cave door and walks out. Soldiers try to confine Veeer in steel chains and he resists. Iravathi walks in and says she knows how to control him. Veer says he did not do anything. Bhadramaa reaches palace and walks in invisible. Soldiers announce Bhadramaa escaped from jail and they should catch her soon. Iravathi tells Veer that he did a big mistake by abducting Surya and keeping her whole night with him, what did he say to her. He says he did not. She insists and asks to remember what happened after he was hanged. He imagines the incident and thinks Surya did something to her. Soldier walks in and informs Bhadramaa escaped from jail and soldiers are searching her. Iravathi thinks she has to meet Bhadramaa first before she speaks to anyone. She rushes out while Veer shouts to listen to him first. Soldiers surround Bhadramaa who warns to let her go, else she will burn them alive. Chandrakantha watches hiding. Gehna comes and says Bhadramaa is awake now. Iravathi says she knows. Chandrakantha spreads balck smoke. Iravathi asks Gehna to tell Bhadrama not to do magic. Bhadramaa thinks someone wants to help her. Chandrakantha kidnaps Bhadramaa and escapes. Iravathi tells Gehna that Bhadramaa wanted to tell her something, but went into coma before that, if she does not return by evening, that means someone else kidnapped her.

Swayam goes to marketplace and requests for water. Villagers identify him and stone pelt him. Umang also stone pelts him saying this is for killing her friend Chandrakantha. Swayam thinks he is unable to become rakhas due to weakness and should run away. He runs away and hides behind tree. Old man asks why were they stone pelting Swayam. Youngster say if they don’t, Swayam will kill them all. Another youngster says another couple wants to marry. Old man asks if they wants to die. Tej enters and says nobody will die. Umang says he is Vijaygarh’s most glorified ayyar Tej and if he is promising that no one will die, then no one will. Swayam hears that and thinks they are trying to trap him, but he will eat newly wed couple tonight and become more powerful to punish them all.

Dhruv as wild boar shows a bottle to Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha picks it and finds Bhadramaa shouting to get her out from inside bottle. She asks who trapped her in bottle. Dhruv changes himself to human and says he trapped her and they have to get magic knife tonight before Bhadramaa gets her powers back after sunset and meets Iravathi. He says he knows how to control Bhadramaa and says if they mix pukhraj stone with camphor and stick it to a person, that person will lose memory and even oneself. He asks to remember if she saw pukraj in palace. Chandrakantha reminisces seeing it in Daksh’s jewelry trunk. Dhruv says Iravathi had hidden Bhadramaa and will try to find her, so they have to hurry up.

Precap: Bhadramaa escapes and warns Dhruv and Chandrakantha that she will inform about their heinous act to Iravathi. Dhruv tells Chandrakantha that they should catch her before she meets Iravathi. Iravathi is about to meet Iravathi when Chandrakantha catches her.

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