Mahakaali 7th January 2018

Scene 1
Shiv says I have to stop them. Mani says please stop all this. Mann says I wont. Kali says Mahadev stop. I won’t let you harm them. Shiv says do they deserve to live? Kali says I understand you but mani regretted. Shiv says they both have to die.
Kali says you taught me can’t always go against people just because they did wrong. Shiv smiles. Shiv says I am glad you understand. Kartika says to vishnu please do something.
Indra says please do something Vishny stop this. Vishnu says I can’t do anything.
Kali says to Shiv I can’t let you misuse power. I know the solution I will end myself. Kartika says to Vishnu please stop this. He says when Kali has decided even Shiv can’t stop this.

Mani says Mata please don’t do this. Shiv recalls his moments with Parvatii.
Shiv walks towards Mani and Mann in anger. Everythign is on fire. In kelash everyoone is worried. Nandi says please stop all this Vishnu. Please do something. This can’t happen. mata can’t leave us. Vishnu says calm down. Mahaadev knows everything.
Vishnu says sometimes end is the new start. Mata won’t leave Kartika and Ganesh alone. Ganesh says how will we stop Mahadev? Kartika says they are caretaker of thr world. We have calm them through emotions.
Kali burns herself and disappears.

Scene 2
Ganesh is going. Kartika says stop. Ganesh says I know what am I doing. Ganesh sits Mahadev’s way. He says I want my father to calm down. Shiv walks towards him in anger. He says father.. Shiv stops. Shiv says you.. Ganesh hugs him. Kartika comesand hugs him. Ganga says Ganesh has calmed him down. Will he come back here without Paravati? Ganesh says you are our universe. We have lost half of our world. W edon’t wanna lose the other half. Kartika says you have to calm down. Shiv closed his eyes. All the fire disappears. Shiv says i have to bring your mom back to kelash.

Mann and Mani are hiding. Mani says I want Mata back. She left us. Mann says mata will come back. Don’t worry. Mann says Mata is just hidden. She will come back. Shiv must be back in kelash.

Scene 3
Shiv comes back to Kelash. Ganga says this is all happening because of me. Shiv says Parvati will come back in a new face. she had to do this to not be detained by Mann and Mani. Parvati will come back soon. Ganesh says what will be her face? Shiv says she will born as a human.

A woman on heart gives birth. its a daughter. Her parents are very happy. Ganesh says will mann and mani plan something again? they won’t sit down. Vishnu says they can’t know unless she knows about her power. Shiv says for now they don’t.
Parvati grows up as a human in her new house.
Some evil men attack a society. Parvati comes there and hits them. Shiv says she is a yodha now. Parvati’s new face will be known as Mahasa. Parvati hits all the evil men and cuts his head. Parvati says you have no idea what a woman can do.

Precap-Shiv has to bring Parvati back. MAn and Manni are looking for her.

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