Sasural Simar Ka 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Sasural Simar Ka 23 November 2017 Written Episode Update.

The Episode starts with Roshni telling that she is leaving the house right away. Simar is shocked. Roshni packs her bags. Sanjana tries to stop her and asks her not to leave house. Roshni cries. Sanjana asks Simar to stop Roshni. Simar is silent and is in deep shock. Mata ji looks angrily. Roshni starts walking out. Sanjana asks Mata ji, Prem and Piyush to stop her.

She asks Piyush to stop him and says she is leaving. She tries to stop her and asks her not to go. Roshni walks out of house. Sanjana cries feeling bad for her. She says our house bahu went and nobody said anything. Pari and Anjali smiles. Sanjana comes to room and sees Sameer packing his stuff. Anjali is there already. He tells her that he will shift to her room as he likes her suggestion. Anjali smirks while taking Sameer with her. Sanjana cries. Anjali takes him to her room and asks him to keep the stuff where ever he likes. Sameer tells Anjali that he will stay in guest room. Once he goes, Anjali says one day Sameer will come to her room, to stay with her.

Mata ji asks Simar to have something. Prem asks her to look at him and says you are my strength. Simar faints. Doctor checks her and says she has low BP, will be fine in sometime. Simar gains consciousness, but is weak. Doctor asks if she is having any stress. He asks them to take care of Simar. Anjali says she will take care of Simar. Mata ji gets impressed with her. Anjali gets a call and says she got appointment from Doctor. She feels the car decky open and checks, thinks if someone is inside. She then closes it. She meets the man whom she hired to trap Sanjana, and gives him money, says she will call him when needed. Anjali looks back and goes.

Roshni captures her video and calls Sanjana. She asks her to meet her outside house. She meets Sanjana and asks about Simar. Sanjana says she is unwell. Roshni says until I prove that I was right, I can’t come back. She looks for her phone. Sanjana asks what happened? Roshni asks her to go back and says I don’t have phone with me now. Anjali comes there and asks Roshni if she is searching her phone. Roshni gets her phone and checks for video. Anjali says it is deleted. A fb is shown, Anjali sees Roshni in her car’s mirror and comes to outhouse and deletes the video when Roshni goes inside.

Precap: Anjali asks Prem to get pest control done outside out house. Roshni feels suffocated. Anjali locks the door and smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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