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Ishqbaaz 4th January 2018

Veer says you do anything Shivaye, you will just do what I wish. Veer says Anika’s symptoms clearly prove that she has some mental problem, I m very fond of you all, I m just trying to help. Shivaye says you are right, I have to do the needful, I might have to accept that Anika is really going mad. Anika gets shocked. Om scolds Tia and says I won’t allow anyone to speak against my wife. Some time ago, Anika says Shivaye doesn’t get convinced soon, he would be investigating at home, he knows if I m saying something, there has to be some big reason, he would be finding the reason. Shivaye checks the wall. She says when he gets determined, he accomplishes it. Veer says Shivaye would have started Anika’s treatment, but he is trying to prove that she is fine, I have to do something. He says I shall leave, Shweta has maths exam, she needs my help, take care. He goes. Shivaye says a palm print, it means there was someone on this wall, Anika is not imagining things, its really occurring. Veer sees Shivaye on camera feed and says this is my trick, any wise person can get mad, do whatever you can Shivaye, you will just do what I want. He smiles.

Shivaye thinks that means some woman has come here, why was she not visible in CCTV cameras, does she know about cameras installed, maybe she has chosen blind spots, maybe camera is not capturing every angle, she may have come in front of Anika, not the camera. He checks the video in his phone and walks around in the hall. He thinks this camera is not capturing me, it means this area is a blind spot, this might have happened when that woman was here. Veer gets a call and goes. Shivaye thinks anyone can hide from the camera by using blind spots, its possible if someone knows the house entirely, how can anyone know about cameras, just Omru, Gauri, Anika and me knew this, it means someone is watching us and planning this, why is he troubling Anika, why does he want to prove Anika mad, I won’t let him succeed.

Veer smiles and says Anika just got this fool, if he can’t understand my plan, how will he fail me, he can’t do anything except watching the drama, I will prove your wife mad in front of the world, you will be a mute spectator. Veer says I think I got the key to your problems, this is the key of that bicycle room, I thought to give this so that you can check what’s inside that room, we have kept a few things, if you permit, I will take it. Shivaye says of course, sure…. Veer enters the room and picks some stuff. He gives the keys to Shivaye and says its all yours. He thinks you guys had doubt that problem is inside this room, this was the only way to end your doubt. He says Anika looks worried. Anika says no, I m fine. Veer says one shouldn’t lie to doctor, I can see, you are worried and tired, Monali prepare a soup for her, I m sure she will be fine. Shivaye asks what’s special in that soup. Veer says its special soup with herbs and vegetables. Anika says I don’t want to. Shivaye asks her to have it, Monali is a good cook. Monali says I will make it. Anika goes to help.

Veer says I don’t like seeing you both worried. Shivaye says I don’t know where is the problem and its root. Anika’s symptoms clearly prove that she has some mental problem. Shivaye says Anika is not mad. He thinks I shouldn’t say anything, maybe that pVeer says Shivaye, I m a doctor, we don’t let emotions affect our thinking, person is watching me through CCTV, he will know that I have figured out his plan, its better I stay quiet.

Veer says look Shivaye, I can diagnose illness by seeing symptoms, Anika needs medical help sooner. Shivaye says thanks for your concern, this is my personal matter. Veer says sorry, I m very fond of you all, I m just trying to help. Shivaye says you are right, I have to do the needful. Shivaye thinks I have to make that person believe that his plan is working out. He says I might have to accept that Anika is really going mad. Anika gets shocked.

Monali gets the soup for everyone. Veer says let me taste first. He goes and adds something in the soup. He recalls…. Veer says its time to make the last strike, we will add medicine in Anika’s soup, she will get a lunatic fit, Shivaye will really believe that she is mad. FB ends. He says its perfect. Monali thanks him for approval. He asks Anika to have the soup, she will feel better. He thinks you will behave madly and Shivaye will be convinced that you are mad, then I will enter your life.

Gauri asks servants to make everything special, guests will have food at home, everything should be present, go and prepare the breakfast. She answers a call. She hears someone saying… nothing will happen if we just remove Shivaye, we have to ruin his family, I have planted a man in the party who will kill Pinky, he will have a red rose with him. Gauri gets shocked and says why do they want to kill Pinky, it means Pinky is in danger, I should do something.

Om talks to servant. Gauri comes to him. She says I need to talk to you, something is going to happen in party. He asks her to be prepared. She says something bad, I heard someone saying that a man will enter the party. He asks her to relax and tell the matter. She says I heard the man saying something wrong will happen, cancel the party. He says I can’t cancel it, this party is imp for the business which Shivaye has built, I will re-check the security arrangements. He goes. She thinks what to do.

Tia sees Om and acts to stumble. Om goes to help and asks her to take help from anyone. She says since this house partition happened, everything got shuffled, sorry Om, I shouldn’t have used the word partition, you would be feeling bad, you have to manage all the responsibilities of family and business, no one is there to support you, your wife should lessen your load, poor Gauri is not well educated and groomed, I feel so bad. Om says its sad that Gauri was actually wrong, she felt you are not blind, the fact is you are blind from mind too, you can’t understand what’s Gauri for me, think a hundred times before telling against her, I don’t allow anyone to speak against her.

He directs her and asks her to stay in her room. He goes. She says I knew where and how I need to reach, you have no idea where will your and Gauri’s relation reach. Monali asks Anika to have soup. Anika says no thanks. Veer stares at Monali. She insists and says I will feed you. Anika sees Shivaye. Shweta looks at everyone. She throws a ball and makes the bowl fall down. Veer shouts Shweta….. He calms down and gets polite. He says your game has ruined everything. She says sorry. Shivaye says its okay, she is a kid, its her age to play, don’t worry Veer. Monali says I will make soup again. Anika says I don’t want to have it. Veer says I m really sorry, we must leave now. Shivaye thanks them. Veer says get well soon Anika and leaves. Shivaye sees Anika.

Anika asks Shivaye to trust her, she has seen many bells hanging there. Gauri says I can do anything for my family. Tia says no one can stop your family from getting ruined.

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