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Meri Durga 4th January 2018

The Episode starts with Sanjay seeing the room decorated. Durga comes and gives him a trophy for being a big loser. She says you can never break my courage, I have to make my dad proud. She gets a cake and says its impossible to make me lose, thank you, if you didn’t force my dad to tell me the secret, I would have not know their greatness. She cuts the cake. She says I respect my mum and dad more, thanks, I will not make any fake confession, I will not let anyone else become national champion. She feeds him the cake.

Yashpal and everyone dine. Dadi praises Annapurna for supporting Yashpal’s big decision and raising Durga with love, for accepting someone’s child. She calls her great. Sheela says everyone finds me wrong. She taunts Durga. Dadi scolds Sheela. Yashpal praises Dadi for accepting someone’s daughter. He asks Amrita to keep Durga’s trophy and medal. Amrita keeps the trophy and thinks dad just sees Durga in everything.

Durga waits for Gayatri. She gets her letter and reads…. you have won the race, rest for a day. Gayatri comes and asks are you waiting for someone. Durga says yes, for my trainer. Gayatri says skip training now, Sanjay won’t let you win national race. Durga says my husband is a loser, who is fighting a wrong battle, but my battle is of truth, I have blessing of both my Gurus, Jassi and Yashpal, he didn’t teach me losing, I will take your blessing and have self training, I will run to my home and take blessing of my dad. Durga comes home. She says I have come here because of SP. He asks what did he do now. She says I know you will always protect me. Annapurna comes. Durga says I m not annoyed with SP, I could know your greatness because of him, I want your blessings. They hug and cry.

They bless Durga. Durga asks about Amrita. Umang comes. Durga makes Yashpal and Annapurna leave their foot prints on the cloth. She takes the cloth and hugs them. Durga and Umang go out and have fun. Sanjay talks to Aarti’s dad and is on the way. He says we have to use this to make Durga lose. Aarti’s dad asks him not to make any mistake this time. Sanjay sees Durga playing with kids. Durga sees Sanjay. Piya more….plays…..She sees him driving recklessly towards an old woman. She runs and saves the woman. Durga gets hit and falls down. Sanjay worries. The woman blesses Durga. Durga helps her. Sanjay says sorry. Durga holds his collar and scolds him. He says I m accepting my mistake, don’t insult me. She says its about social responsibility. She sees Umang gone.

Durga and Yashpal look for Umang. Amrita scolds Durga. Sanjay comes as new chief of sports association. Durga gets shocked.

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