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Meri Durga 5th January 2018

The Episode starts with Durga worrying for Umang and shouting. Aarti’s dad says it will be better if Sanjay’s plan works. Aarti says I can’t bear any defeat, I will make sure that nothing wrong happens. Sanjay and Durga look for Umang. Sanjay asks her to learn fulfilling responsibilities. Yashpal comes. Durga cries and says Umang….He says we will get him. Durga says Amrita… he says we won’t tell her. Amrita looks on and scolds Durga. Yashpal says we will get him. Amrita asks Durga would she be careless if this happened with her son. Durga sees Umang going towards the edge.

Durga and Sanjay run to save Umang. Umang gets on the railing to catch a plane. Durga holds him. Sanjay holds her. She asks Umang is he fine. Amrita takes Umang and asks Durga not to do any drama. She scolds Durga and goes. Yashpal says Amrita reacted such in tension, don’t worry. She gets a call. She tells Yashpal that she has to go, sports association has a meeting, tell Amrita that she didn’t do this intentionally. He asks her to go.

Amrita speaks against Durga. Umang says its not Durga’s mistake. Yashpal comes home and asks Amrita not to say so. Amrita says you know what happened with Umang. Yashpal defends Durga. She says its not necessary that Durga is always right, its the limit, I can’t risk my child for Durga. She gets rude.

Durga comes for the meeting. The man says we have called you urgently, so that you can meet our new chief. Sanjay comes there. Durga gets shocked. Aarti smiles. Yashpal tries to explain Amrita. She says Durga is not ours, you have picked her from junk. They all get shocked. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Amrita argues.

Durga thinks how did Sanjay become the chief. Sanjay asks them to stay in limits. He asks Durga to call him Sir, she should understand his position. She says Sir… He says you need to know my authorities, I can stop you from running in the race and I can forgive you, don’t act smart, sports association shouldn’t lose its name. He asks Durga not to get in any drugs case.

Amrita throws the pics and says you have kept Durga’s memories, what about my memories, am I not your daughter, you are doing everything for Durga. She cries and asks for her rights. He says I tried to educate you, but you didn’t study. She says I wish you got me educated, did you see my son’s life, did you find my husband Madhav, you know I m living with this hope, you don’t care about me, you won’t see Durga’s mistake, I m an outsider for you. They cry. Durga defends herself. She says I have exposed the culprits who trapped me in drugs’ case, I can play the CD here, your known people were involved. He asks them to pass the medical tests. He wishes them all the best for the race. Sanjay smiles.

Durga says I won’t make any wrong confession, your parents cheated me. Sanjay says forget your race, you are out. Doctor says its written that you have backache. She says I m an athlete. Doctor says athlete’s test is not happening here.

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