Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd February 2018 Written Update

Ved tells family that his life is filled with happiness after Saras returned in her life, similarly Uma’s life is filled with happiness with Kanak’s return in his life, wife changes her husband. Ved says really, he did not feel any difference, he was police officer before Payal came into his wife and even now he is a police officer. Payal feels angry. Vansh says it is time for Uma to leave. Uma touches Bhabho’s feet and asks her to bless him to become a perfect husband for Kanak whom they all dreamt of for Kanak, he will return after 12 changes changing himself completely where he can take care of his wife’s wishes. Kanak asks 12 days? Uma says yes, she will find a different Uma whom she always dreamt of. Shiv asks if bhabhi will not come with them to

Ladnu. Kanak says he can come to Pushkar anytime and even she can come to Ladnu anytime. Uma walks out with Suman and Shiv. Kanak follows him and sadly looks at him getting to car. Uma returns to his home and imagines Kanak all around. He Duriyan… In Rahon Ki Ye Duriyan…song…plays in the background.

Arpita comes to meet Kanak. Kanak says Arpita has become such a big politician that everyone look at their house when she comes here. Arpita says this is also her house and asks what she wants to talk about Uma. Kanak says Maasi patented Uma’s medicines in her name and sold patents to Meera Mittal, if she can find how to get back patents from Meera Mittal. Arpita says Meera has to return Uma’s patent. Uma speaks to someone over phone and says he wants to meet Meera Mittal at any cost soon and does not want to delay.

Next morning,Shiv tells Suman that he is hungry, without Kanak who will prepare food for them. Suman says she will whatever he wants. He says no way. Kanak walks in. Shiv and Suman get happy seeing her. Suman says dadusa has admitted her in Jaipur’s best college. Kanak happily hugs and congratulates her. She then goes to Uma’s room and seeing a file on bed thinks Uma has done hard work. She then is surprised to see Uma walking in formal executive clothes and asks whom he was dreaming about. He says Meera Mittal. She feels aback and asks if he knows her. He says just heard her name and is going to meet her. Kanak says she is with him in all his steps, tying tie. Uma says it is strangulating, loosen grip a bit. Kanak then says he would have at least taken her name for her sake. He says he will not lie from hereon and will become independent. He then prays Shivji to make him successful. Kanak applies tilak on his forehead and says he should take his phone to look up to date. He says he will buy his own mobile and just needs her best wishes. Kanak feels aback again, but wishes him smilingly.

Meera Mittal is seen traveling in a car and her secretary orders mall owner to vacate mall as Meera wants to shop. Owner says he needs 30 minutes. Secretary says madam does not hear no. Uma goes to shopping mall’s mobile shop. Kanak goes to another mobile shop and asks to show a simple mobile for her husband as he does not like complicated ones. She buys one simple mobile and says this is perfect for Uma. Uma asks to show most modern and complicated mobile. Salesman shows him latest flagship mobile. Uma clicks his selfie…

Precap: Uma angrily throws Meera’s bags, lifts her and runs outside mall.
Meera enjoys his touch. Kanak gets disheartened seeing this.

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Telecast Date : 23rd February 2018
Media Owner : Star Plus and Hotstar

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