Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd November 2017 Written Episode

Kanak taunts Maasi that Aditya has to follow this house’s rule now and removes Aditya’s old clothes and other items out. Maasi silently tells Kanak that materials can be bought back once thrown out, but once Kanak is thrown out, she cannot enter again. Kanak throws Aditya’s cigarettes and other items in box and asks Maasi if she is happy that Aditya is changing. Aditya walks in wearing kurta pajama. Uma gets happy seeing him. Kanak gives manjira/music equipment to Aditya and says tonight she has organized bhajan and he should play manjira.

Vansh walks to Sara. Sara asks why did he call her early morning. He says he wants to tell her truth and says he is already married, but he does not love his wife and married her under wrong circumstances, so he is divorcing his wife and will marry her soon. He says he wants to meet his wife and family and wlaks holding his hand.

Aditya shows gun to Maasi and says he wants to kill whole family. Maasi says even she wants to kill whole family and kill Kanak first. She snatches gun with trick. Aditya warns to return gun. She throws water on him and warns to come in to senses and then wiping his head says she is doing all this for him and soon he will take over Uma’s wealth. He says he cannot much.

Vansh takes Sara home and tells Bhabho that he loves this girl and wants to marry her after divorcing Saras, calls Saras loudly. Bhabho thinks how thinks how can Saras come when she is here. Vansh takes Sara towards room when Bhabo stops him and says Saras will not meet her sautan like this, she will shatter, let her take this girl in. She takes Sara in and closes all doors and windows. Vansh waits outside door eagerly. Bhabho signals her to speak. Saras acts as speaking to Sara and asking how can she break another woman’s marriage, even if Vansh divorces her, she will not divorce him and will consider him her husband whole life. Then as Sara, she says when Vansh does not love her and wants to divorce, then why she is acting. Their drama continues and Vansh gets convinced Sara and Saras are 2 people.

Uma smiles seeing Kanak wearing her bracelet and walks around and thanks her. She asks why. He says because of her Aditya came home and he could favor Maasi at last. She gets disappointed thinking he would say I love you. Uma says he wants to say one more thing. Kanak gets happy hoping he will at this time…Drama continues…

Precap: Maasi thinks Vansh will continue her pending job. She calls Vansh and informs that he wants his sister divorced and she wants him to divorce Saras, he should act soon. Vansh shows Uma, Kanak speaking to her friend Jai and tells Uma that after Kanak’s divorce, he will get her married to Jai.

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