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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th January 2018

Uma tells Kanak that he will write something on her back and she will have to guess. He writes word by word and Kanak guesses them and thinks he wrote “Kanak you are very beautiful”. He says it wasn’t that and he writes it again and she get it this time. Uma wrote “Kanak aap boht bolti ho” (Kanak you talk a lot). She gets upset and says if that is so, then she won’t talk especially to him. She tries to leave. Uma stops her and says she talks a lot but he is habituated to it now and he wants to hear her all his life. Kanak is happy now. She says they should register the formula now. He says ok. Kanak wonders why Ved didn’t call her yet.

Saras and Vansh are going to a wedding. Payal tells Bhabho what Saras can do alone, for Vansh partying and going out is all that matters. Bhabho says she knows Saras will never forget her responsibility towards this house and relationships.

Masi is eating. She calls Uma to eat. Suman informs her that Uma and Kanak have gone to register medicine. Masi rushes and calls someone to stop them and make sure Uma doesn’t get hurt, at least until their work is not done. Suman wonders where she went all of a sudden.

Uma and Kanak are going in car. Someone is lying on the road. Uma says maybe he needs treatment and he goes to help him. The guy was just pretending. As soon as Uma goes to him, the guy pushes him away. Few other guys come to Kanak. She runs out of car and goes to Uma. Uma fights with the guys. One guy snatches the file from Kanak and throws all papers in river. Both Uma and Kanak are heartbroken.

Saras can’t find her phone. Vansh calls on her number and it was in store. Saras says she won’t go with him, she got first order. She wants to complete it. Vansh gets upset. He says he will go alone. Saras stops him and asks whether his friends are closer to him than her? She gets romantic with him and he agrees to stay in store and help her. Saras says she switched party in the store, she informed all his friends. They can do party and work together. Bhabho tells Payal that Saras knows how to fulfill her responsibility as well as keep her husband happy.

Uma and Kanak are back home. Uma informs Masi what happened. She says he should have never done business out of medicine. Kanak opposes her and doubts reason of goons attacking them. What they have to do with file and they didn’t have money either. Masi feels bad and locks herself in room. After a while, she comes out in plain saree. She says she is going same way as she came. She took responsibility for him, but now he has got his wife. She doesn’t want her old thinking to come in his success way. Uma says no one can take her place. He falls in her feet and pleads not to go. If she doesn’t want him to file his medicine papers, then he won’t. Kanak interferes, but Uma stops her. Masi decides to stay back. They both go to temple.

Rani asks Kanak what problem Masi has with Uma’s medicine. He will make money and she will get all money. Kanak wonders whether there is any connection between Masi and Uma’s medicine registration.

Precap: Masi is selling Uma’s medicine to someone in international market. She says once deal is done, her and Aditya will reach sky and Uma will be still where he is now.

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