Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th February 2018

Kanak stops Uma from confronting Maasi and says he knows Maasi is very powerful and cunning, she will get him into trouble here. He continues fuming. Kanak asks him into look at her and says she needs him and is incomplete without him, she wants to marry him and spend rest of her life with him. Uma calms down. Rani says their jodi is like Uma Parvati’s, made for each other. She says she forgot to tell that Maasi and Aditya visit a club often.

Kanak and Uma reach club and ask receptionist if Nanda and Aditya Modani. Receptionist says yes, they are club’s premium members. Kanak asks when they will come. Waiter says he cannot tell, it is against club’s policy. Kanak bribes him and he agrees. Uma says he does not like illegality. Kanak says that is okay. Waiter says they are on club’s beach. Kanak and Uma walk to beach and see Aditya relaxing on beachchair and getting massage. He over phone tells someone that he is naming Matruveda’s infertility medicine as Motherhood, which will solve all problems. Kanak searches Maasi. Maasi emerges out of beach wearing bikini. Nashile Nashile naina…song…plays in the background. Kanak and Uma are shocked to see her in Bikini. Reporters surround her and congratulate her for receiving entrepreneur of the year award and asks to brief about her new medicine. Maasi says it will end womens infertility and many problems, it is her hardwork of 10 years. Reporter says award is given to a woman first time, how is she feeling. She replies in Englih that in 21st century male and female are equal and infact female is superior in many ways. Uma reminisces Maasi brainwashing him that woman is man’s slave and should be treated as one. Uma angrily tries to walk infront of her, but Kanak stops him and calms him down. Reporters congratulate her again and leave. Maasi walks towards beach chair. Aditya in his usual jokergiri style asks masseuse to leave, it’s mom’s time. Maasi rests on chair and tells him that she heard about his drama with Palomi on walking street, it should not happen again. Aditya says illiterate Palomi is a big nuisance and they should kill her. Maasi asks him to wait for the right chance. A girl walks in and says she is Aditya’sgirlfriend and he used her and now denying to marry her. Maasi says Aditya loves many women, that does not mean he will marry everyone. Girl says she is pregnant. Maasi asks to abort it, it is the best solution if she got pregnant before marriage, she will pay her bills. Aditya orders guards to take woman away. Girl leaves cursing them.

Uma walks with Kanak shocked and says he and his sisters are left way behind due to Maasi. Kanak slips and her sandal breaks. She says she wants to walk keeping her feet on his feet like husband and wife. Uma reminisces earlier incident and walks keeping her feet on his feet. Kanak walks smiling, looking at his face. Their romance continues.

Maasi shows girls photos and asks to select one. Aditya says he is already tensed regarding Palomi, if she reaches India or her news reaches India, they are finished. Maasi says she is showing pics for same reason, she will get Palomi’s plastic surgery, then nobody will identify her..

Precap: Maasi scolds Palomi that if she chants Uma’s name, he will not come to save her. Kanak walks diguised wearing blonde wig and clashes with Uma. Uma holds her and she smiles at him.

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