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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th January 2018

Maasi video chats with foreign businessman Victor in English and decides to lease Uma’s fertility medicine formula for 100 crores. Victor asks reason to lease medicine. She says her ayurvedic company Matruveda is dealing in medicines since years and are trustable. Victor agrees and asks to send formula and contract papers. Maasi then smirks thinking she is selling Uma’s medicine formulas since years and amassing wealth, with this fertility medicines she does not need Uma anymore, she and her son Aditya will live a wealthy life while Uma will be on road. At home, Kanak speaks to Ved over landline. Maasi snatches phone and says she has failed their plan and now Kanak will marry Uma in 4 days, she is keeping Vignaahrta pooja and does not want them to spoil it.

Bhabho performs pooja with Saras and Payal and after showing them aarti asks Saras how was today’s work, if sweets are delivered on time. Saras says yes, half an hour before delivery time and Vansh has promised to work more hard. Payal taunts to check how hard Vansh is working. They both walk to hall and see Vansh getting massage. Payal taunts that Vansh is spending all the money saved yesterday on massage and video game. Saras asks Vansh to get up and accompany her to shop. He asks her to get massage first. Saras says no need for that and asks him to get up, tries to take his laptop and it falls down. Vansh scolds her and leaves. Payal taunts family will be affected because of their fights, let Ved take care of family’s responsibilities as usual and Vansh/Saras enjoy their life. Saras challenges Vansh will change, and if not, they will leave this house.

Aditya gets stomachache. Ved calls doc. Doc checks and asks what did he eat. Ved says what other prisoners ate. Doc says he ate poison. Ved reminisces Maasi giving Aditya a prasad laddoo and thinks why would Maasi poison her son. Aditya pleads to save him and collapses. Doc says he should be shifted to hospital.

Maasi informs family that Kanak and Uma’s wedding is after 4 days and today they are performing vignaharta pooja. Kanak and Uma sit in pooja and miday Uma starts sneezing. Neha says she will net medicine. Kanak says Uma takes ayurvedic medicine. Neha says even she is talking about ayurvedic medicine of Mautruved brand which is more famous internationally than in India. Maasi gets tensed that Uma will identify his medicine and she will be exposed. Neha brings medicine. Maasi clashes with her and silently hides medicine. Neha asks where did medicine go. Shiv watches everything and says Maasi took it. Uma continues sneezing. Kanak asks to give medicine soon. Maasi drops it on floor after removing label. Rani picks it and gives it to Uma after mixing it in warm water. Uma drinks it and his sneezing stops instantly. He realizes it is his medicine. Kanak says it is similar medicine like Uma’s. Maasi says someone is genius like Uma. Kanak says she should meet this genius. Uma says it is his medicine and looks at Maasi. Drama continues..

Precap: Uma asks Maasi what is happening. Maasi sees Kanak leaving home and thinks she must be going to meet Aditya, follows Kanak. Kanaka meets someone and says good she met him/her, she needs to talk something important.

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