Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th January 2018

Maasi over phone tells her aide that if police is taking Aditya to hospital, then her mild poison worked well. She orders him to escape Aditya somehow. Uma walks in and tells Maasi that Matruveda company is selling his formula. She says it may be coincidence that they prepared same formula. Uma says he is sure it is his formula. Maasi asks if he will file police complaint. He says yes. Maasi says he cannot leave home for 8 hours till wedding rituals are complete and not to inform about this to Kanak, else she will get out of house.

Ved takes Aditya to hospital in an ambulance. Maasi’s goons throw nails on the road. Ambulance gets punctured. Driver walks out to change tyre. Goons spread smoke and try to rescue Aditya, but don’t’ find him in ambulance. Kanak and Ved kidnap Aditya and take him in a car. Ved asks how did she know about Maasi’s plan. Kanak says when Maasi insisted not to go out of house for 8 hours, she realized Maasi is up to something and got to know about her plan. Ved says she is genius. Kanak says she is IPS Sandhya Rathi’s daughter and Ved Rathi’s sister.

Maasi’s aide informs her that someone else kidnapped Aditya before them. Aide comes in light and reveals he is none other than Gabbasa who reminds Maasi that he betrayed Uma’s family and helped her. He reminds all the betrayals he made, hiding Aditya as Vicky for 8 years, saving him from police, etc. Maasi says only one genius can kidnap Aditya and its Kanak. Maasi walks into home and asks Rani and Neha where is Kanak. They say she must be somewhere around. Maasi says Kanak has gone out even after her warning. Uma walks in and Maasi tries to brainwash him. Kanak walks in and says how can she go out when Maasi has ordered not to go out for 8 hours.

Saras works hard in Bhabho’s sweet shop trying to complete orders. Vansh asks her to accompany home. She says she has to finish orders. He argues and leaves. She walks on road calling autos. Vansh comes and scolds why did she take more orders which their servant cannot complete and she has to work. Saras says she has taken responsibility and will complete and servant has gone to complete other order. Vansh says if she hopes he will work, then she is work, he is not meant to work. Their argument continues and he leaves. People watch their fight.

Kanak silently walks out of house at night. Maasi follows her thinking she is going to meet Aditya. Kanak meets a man and says she was expecting him here. Man comes under light and it is Uma. Kanak chats with him and says Ved called and informed Aditya escaped from jail. Uma says someone is helping Aditya then. Kanak says he is right and asks what will he do if the culprit is found. Uma says culprit is bigger sinner than Aditya and should need rigorous punishment. Kanak smiles. He asks why did she call him here, they could have spoken at home. She says he is a good doctor, but cannot understand girl’s mind. They will be husband and wife in 3 days, so she wants to enjoy as fiance till then. Uma smiles. Their romance continues while Maasi fumes in jealousy and thinks she has to rescue Aditya within 3 days.

Precap: Kanak tells Rani that she is going to meet Aditya and Maasi herself will send her out. Kanak dances with dancers wearing ghunghat and walks away. Maasi follows her.

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