Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: The Reveal

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Ishita. Pihu says Ishimaa and smiles. Iyers happily cry. Parmeet says where did Ishita go and finds recorder there. Raman gets shocked when Ishita turns to him. Pammi says Ishita, I m so happy, this is called relation of many births, I wasn’t happy that Raman is marrying Mihika, I m so happy now. Simmi says stop it. Raman gets angry. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. Pammi says I m so happy and wards off bad sight. Ishita hugs her. Appa says Raman was marrying our Ishu. Bala says yes, Ishu was under the ghunghat. Pihu comes to Ishita and hugs. Ishita says I will always be your mum and hugs her kids. Raman asks what’s happening here, where is Mihika.

Ishita says maybe you forgot, this Taali is mangalsutra, you made me wear this, so I m your wife now, Mrs. Raman Bhalla. Shagun and Iyers smile. Simmi says she disappeared Mihika and came here. Ishita says maybe, but I fulfilled my promise, I didn’t let Raman and Mihika’s marriage happen, now I m his wife, this is my family now. Raman breaks garlands and taunts her. Raman goes. Mr and Mrs Bhalla go after him. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Parmeet says Ishita…… you fooled me again, how did this happen, I should have understood this, the man cheated me, where did Ishita go, I have to tell Simmi. He goes out and sees Raman leaving angrily. He gets shocked seeing Ishita as bride. Ishita greets him and smiles.

Simmi asks Ishita to go. Ishita says relax, I know you want to know what happened, I also want to know, we shall go somewhere, fine we will go with family. Raman gets in his car. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla get in and they leave. Simmi asks Ishita how did she cheat and marry. Ishita says let your husband come, it will be fun if I tell the story to him. Parmeet comes. Ishita taunts him. She says you know what he did, Parmeet made a man guard the chest, which had me inside, he thought to kill me and him, he was using that man, that man didn’t know this, so I told him.

FB shows Ishita asking the man not to believe Parmeet, he won’t leave him alive if he kills her. The man asks her to stop it. She says Parmeet hasn’t threatened you till now, tell me, he will kill you, he is using you, he wants you to get arrested for my murder, else he will not spare you, he can’t be on anyone’s side, he will not leave a single proof, trust me, he is giving wrong medicines to Raman, I want to save my husband, if you care for your life, please don’t support him, support me, let me go, I have to marry Raman. He asks what about me. She says I will expose Parmeet and tell police that you helped me, I will get police protection for you, I swear on my children. He agrees. She says I want a tape recorder. He asks why. She says just get it fast. FB ends.

She says then I reached the right place as bride. Simmi says you should be ashamed. Ishita says you forced me to do this. Simmi asks Parmeet to call police. Ishita says yes, call police. He says Simmi we can’t call police, we will be questioned too, ask her where is Mihika. Simmi asks where is Mihika. Ishita says she is there where she should be. Simmi asks what did you do with her. Ishita says nothing can happen now. Mihika comes crying and gets shocked. She says you married Raman, how dare you…. Raman thinks of Ishita and drives. Mr. Bhalla says lower speed, where are we going. Mrs. Bhalla says let your dad drive. Raman says Ishita cheated and married me. He hits a bike. The man falls down. Raman apologizes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to sit. Mr. Bhalla says I will drive. Raman says I will manage, I will drive. They leave.

Raman says I will not accept this marriage, Ishita won’t enter my house. Simmi scolds Ishita. Mihika shouts and says Ishita did everything, she created problems in my life, what was the need to interfere in my life, she ruined my life. Ishita says stop it, marriage has happened. Mihika attacks her with a vase. Everyone stops her. Mihika then attacks Simmi. Simmi gets shocked. Mihika and Ishita start laughing. Everyone gets puzzled. Mihika says sorry. Ishita says you should have done drama for more time. Shagun asks what’s going on. Mihika hugs Ishita. Everyone smiles. Simmi and Parmeet get shocked.

Shagun scolds Simmi. She slaps Parmeet. Ishita too scolds them and slaps Simmi.

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Telecast Date: 22nd February 2018
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