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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th January 2018

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Neelu is Mr. Bhalla selling the house, I can’t talk to Raman, ask Romi to meet me. Romi comes to meet her. He says I will stay in my friend’s house, I can’t bear this nonsense. She says I want you both to sort it out, if anything happens to Papa ji, he wants to sell his ancestral house so that he can give money to Mihika, solve your problems, swear on me, you will talk to Mihika. Mihika comes and taunts Ishita. Romi asks her to shut up. Mihika says I have come here to talk to Ishita, we have no relation from now on, we don’t know each other. They all get shocked. Mihika says I will never forgive you for this, you have proved that your children and husband matter to you, your sister doesn’t matter.

Ishita says we were talking about Papa ji, not you. Mihika asks Appa and Amma will they support her or not. Amma asks her to hear Ishita once. Mihika doesn’t listen. Simmi smiles. Mihika says when Romi cheated me, Ishita didn’t say anything, now I m being blamed, why, isn’t this double standard, I don’t care what people say about me. Ishita says Romi did mistakes, do you want to make a mistake, you both love each other. Mihika asks who are you to constantly say this, you don’t interfere in my life, you have no relations with Bhalla family, Raman knows I m bahu of that house, he doesn’t recognize you, you are just Ashok’s mistress, you are nothing. Ishita slaps her. They all get shocked.

Mihika asks how dare you… and raises hand. Raman holds her hand and gets angry. He asks whats happening. Amma says Mihika you raised hand on Ishita, are you in senses. Mihika says I have come to my senses, Ishita is not my sister, she is dead for me. Romi says this is your family. Mihika says none of them is mine. She cries and goes. Amma asks her to stop. Simmi says you all will support Ishita, not Mihika. She goes. Romi says Amma don’t worry, I will explain Mihika. Ishita cries. Raman calms her.

Simmi says I m so proud of you, you have realized her truth, she won’t be able to harm you, you need to stay alert. Mihika cries. Simmi says I m with you. Romi comes and says wow, you are getting ideas from her, have these divorce papers, I have already signed it, you wanted a divorce right, I have given it to you, I didn’t wish to leave you as I had really loved you, but not anymore, you want the alimony amount right, I will get it for you, its because you have done a pathetic thing, Simmi is shameless, but you ….. get lost. Mihika shouts get out, I don’t need anyone. Simmi says I will support you, what happened, are you changing your mind now, don’t make a mistake like me, leave all this, be strong. Mihika says I have made my mind. Simmi hugs her and smiles. Ishita cries. She says she never raised her voice, and today she has raised hand on me, I have fed her, we have played together, she calls me Akka. Raman consoles and holds her. He says Mihika shouldn’t have raised hand, but you were also interfering, its their personal matter. She asks will she raise hand on me, she was a kid in front of me.

He says she has grown up now, she can take her decisions. She says I m hurt. He says I feel bad seeing you cry, how will Pihu feel, stop crying, tissue papers got over, okay, it was a bad joke, I have to sing now and the entire society will cry, shall I sing. She smiles. He gives her water. Appa comes and says your dad is finding you. Raman asks Ishita to come. Mr. Bhalla says I m not getting the house papers, did you take it. Raman says I don’t remember. Ishita asks him did he check in drawer.

Raman asks how do you know this. She makes an excuse. She says your problem is mine and goes. Raman gets thinking. They look for papers. She says I will come along. Raman says you do this work when your house has to be sold. Mr. Bhalla asks him to take her along. They leave. They reach the registrar office. Raman says that man is not listening, he is asking me to come later, I have to pressurize him. She says I will do that. She goes to that officer. He asks how did you come in.

She says we had appointment, you are watching a movie, you have no time, Raman told you that we need Omprakash Bhalla’s property papers, give it to us. The man asks her to come after some days. Raman smiles and looks on. She asks him to write it, that he has no time for them. She says forget it, social media has become advanced, we will make a video, just tell the world, you have no time for people, you don’t want to help, you are spoiling the name of govt. The man says stop this. She asks what happened, what do you want to say. Raman asks her to come. The man says why are you dragging this, I will give you the papers. Raman gets surprised. She smiles. The man looks for papers.

Ishita asks Raman why did he call her Jhansi ki rani, maybe he has told this to his GF before. Raman asks Romi not to lie and tell them, that he has mortgaged the house. Romi denies.

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