Ramzan films boom in Boxoffice

Finally, the initial results of the big fight for Ramzan, is with us. As expected the superstar’s films and the family dramas are ruling the roost, while some films which gave big expectations couldn’t reach up to what they promised.Meanwhile Mammootty renjith team’s Pranchiyetten And th e Saint and Laljose’s Elsamma landed safely due to low production cost . 2(#Hi66kar E#***

The best of the running lot is definitely Elsamma Enna Aankutty which has got the family shares and is going steady. In almost all the centres the flick is registering 100 percent collections in weekends.Though the movie did not have a landmark story, Laljose the director was able to ensure that the movie brought the family audiences back to the theatre.In 20 days, it has taken a distributors share of Rs 1.68 crore, the highest ever in recent times for a family film.

Pranchiyetten and the Saint, which started of slowly became the rage among families within a couple of days. The Mammootty-Renjith chemistry and Mammootty -Innocent sequences, together with the Natural humor by Renjith has made the film the favorite among the family audiences. The film which is registering 100 percent collections in almost all the major centres is expected too make a 100 days run. In 20 days, it has taken a distributors share of Rs 1.43 crore, the highest ever in recent times for a renjith film.

The first week of Shikkar saw great initials and the viewers are giving high rating for the film for its visuals beauty and narrative brilliance in the second half. As the film was completed in a budget of 4.75 crores, a big one when compared with other ramzan movies, the film is expected to cash in the returns within a house full run of four weeks.Released in 100 centres, the film has managed to collect a share of 2.50 crores in the first two weeks. Running with 50 percent audience in all centres, every one are in the look out whether the collections will sustain in the coming days. As the family input into the movie is highly debatable, the film may face a drop in further weeks. But if it caters successfully to a family audience, then the film will register one of the biggest successes for Mohan lal.

Mammootty Arjun combo movie ‘Vande Mathram’ – which had a delayed release, is a dud from the day four. The movie won’t help in any way in boosting the audience friendly image of the actor. The fans, on the other hand seem to have once again given thumbs down sign, to the hero image of Mammootty.