Zindagi Ki Mehek ZEE TV

Zindagi Ki Mehek is a Hindi Language Indian Television show, which disclosed from 19 September 2016 and demonstrates, is communicated on Zee TV. The show is aired on weekdays.

The show is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari. Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal are playing the main lead roles.

The story of the show represents the journey of home maker. The story rotates around the passion of food and love story of Shaurya Khanna and Mehek Sharma who live their lives in a different ways. Cooking is her passion and hobby which she rooted from her dead mother. Everyone is addicted of her food. She is asked to participate in a cooking competition, India Super Cook competition by her family to impress her potential to her would be in laws. Shaurya Khanna is the judge of competition. Unaware the fact, that they had already met on a social networking site under the different names. On the other side Shaurya hates a middle class behavior, Mehek is as caring. When the competition starts, Shaurya instantly hates and it judge Mehek for being a middle class girl. He is a rude to her, Mehek revive by insulting him.

Mehek get the new job as chef in a big hotel which is run by Shaurya’s business enemy KD. By unknowing the fact, Rajiv and Shaurya approach Mehek for a job offer. Shaurya get the sad knowing fact about Mehek’s new job, but he let her to continue it. Later with the fall of an event Mehek and Shaurya develop the feelings for each other and they confess it. Shaurya’s mom Karuna invites the Sharma family for a marriage proposal, but Khanna and Svetlana insult and humiliate the Sharma’s which make them Mehek cancel the wedding. They are seeking for an apology from Mehek and want to retain their relationship; Shaurya comes to Sharma house to live amongst them. Shaurya is challenged by Mehek to live like a middle class person for 5 days in order to win her back. He accept the challenge however, circumstantially fails.
After manage to find out the reason of his duplicity, and then Mehek realize that Shaurya is soft by heart, but he restricts everything because of his harsh childhood incident. Mehek goes to Khanna household to make a Shaurya realize his mistake and make love for her. In the front of everyone, she denotes him as her husband which makes a Shaurya furious. Karuna declare that Mehek will stay in Khanna house. Shaurya and Mehek start having bittersweet fights.

Main Cast
 Samiksha Jaiswal as Mehek Shaurya Khanna
 Karan Vohra as Shaurya Harish Khanna
Recurring Cast
 Sunny Sachdeva as Mandaar
 Orvana Ghai as Archie
 Vishal Gupta as Sameer Agarwal
 Shiny Dixit as Nehal Sharma
 Radha Bhatt as Svetlana Sanjay Agarwal
 Kiara Rana as Shruti Agarwal
 Harsh Chhaya as Sanjay Agarwal
 Ashoo Kohli as Kewal Damaani
 Kirandeep Sharma as Kanta Sharma
 Hareesh Chhabra as Jeevan Sharma
 Babla Kochhar as Ravi Sharma
 Vijay Meenu as Mansi Sharma
 Mihir Mishra as Harish Khanna
 Anubhav Jain as Mohit Sharma
 Dinesh Verma as Balwant Sharma
 Maddy as Ajay Parmar
 Aarun Gossai as Rajeev Kapoor
 Monica Kohli as Pammi
 Vidushi Kaul as Sonal Mohit Sharma
 Rajshree Seem as Karuna Harish Khanna
 Aarif Sharma as Neev
 Kailash Chakravarthy as Digvijay Khurana